In-house without fair pay is discrimination: LSHTM pay your workers a dignified salary!

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

We are cleaners, porters, post-room and security staff at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). We are a majority Black, Asian, Latin American and migrant workforce. Many of us have worked for years at LSHTM and we work hard to keep this university running. We are fighting for an end to discrimination and for fair and dignified pay.

LSHTM committed last August to bring us in-house and end outsourcing, after we launched a campaign. We are due to come in house in August 2022. However, management are now refusing to bring our pay in line with the LSHTM pay scale for direct employees. This is discriminatory.

The LSHTM management have said they plan to bring us in-house on our current pay (i.e. £11.05/hr for cleaners). Current pay for cleaners is below the lowest grade on the LSHTM pay scale (Pay Grade 1 = £11.30 hour). By maintaining this, LSHTM management will be maintaining a racist two-tier system even after ending outsourcing. They are denying us the basic rights that all other LSHTM employees take for granted. And to make matters worse, management have recently stated that they refuse to even engage in discussions with us over pay at all. This is shameful.

We demand a fair and dignified wage in line with other LSHTM staff with similar responsibilities, such as maintenance staff, who are on Pay Grade 3 (starting at £14.38/hr), which will allow us to support our families through the current cost of living crisis and will fairly recompense us for the hard work we do for the university.

This is a fight for equality, justice and dignity. It is also a fight for all workers. If we can win this fight, it will raise the bar for other employers to pay dignified and fair wages too.

We ask for your support to help us in this fight for justice and equality. Please sign our petition to show LSHTM management that you stand with us.

To: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
From: [Your Name]

Dear LSHTM management,

As students, academics and staff at LSHTM and members of the public, we are writing to you regarding your discriminatory treatment of your cleaners, porters, post-room and security staff.

LSHTM management's decision not to bring these workers onto the LSHTM pay scale, following their transfer in-house, will maintain a racist two-tier system for workers at the university.

We support the workers' demand for cleaners, porters, post-room and security to be brought in-house and onto the LSHTM pay scale on a minimum of Pay Grade 3.

We call on LSHTM to:

1. Agree to negotiate over pay grades and scales with Cleaners, Porters, Post-Room and Security staff and commit to a minimum of Pay Grade 3 for these workers.

2. End discrimination at LSHTM.

3. Recognise the worker's trade union - the IWGB.