Independent Business Needs a Break!

Speaker Pelosi, Leader McConnell, Sen. Schumer, Rep. McCarthy, and Members of Congress

A Congressional committee spent a year investigating Amazon’s monopoly power. Its findings signal that it’s time for independent businesses to urge Congress to break up Amazon, America’s most dangerous monopoly!

In 2019, the House Judiciary Committee, through its subcommittee on antitrust, launched an investigation into whether Big Tech companies are using their power to undermine competition and harm smaller businesses. In October 2020, the Committee released its report.

What did the Committee say in its report?

  • It found that Amazon “has monopoly power” and “has engaged in extensive anticompetitive conduct.”
  • The Committee calls for new policies to break up and regulate Amazon.

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We are small business owners, coming together because we know it is time to finally use our laws to break up America’s most dangerous monopoly: Amazon.

We have watched Amazon expand without restraint, to the harm of our businesses and our communities. While we do everything we can during this difficult time to keep our businesses alive, Amazon is leveraging its outsized power in the market to make record profits and muscle aside the competition. We want a level playing field where our small, independent businesses can compete and where no corporation is above the law.

Following a 16-month long investigation, the bipartisan House Judiciary Committee has released a report finding that Amazon has not been playing fair. It found:

Amazon has bullied and exploited the many businesses that depend on its website to reach consumers;

Amazon has bought other companies with the aim of snuffing out potential competitors;

Amazon has strong-armed suppliers to get better pricing than competing retailers get; and

Amazon has been able to vanquish competitors using unfair tactics such as predatory pricing.​

As small businesses, we keep our communities healthy, support local economies, and provide millions of good jobs. Small business ownership is an especially important vehicle of economic mobility for immigrant, minority, LGBTQ, and women business owners. It is also crucial for shrinking the wealth gap, and reversing the steady decline in American entrepreneurship.

Amazon's predatory tactics threaten our existence. As small business owners, we ask that you heed the recommendations of the Committee's report. Pass legislation to break up and regulate Amazon. Help restore competition, because every entrepreneur should have the freedom to build a business and a fair shot to compete.