Initiative to Elect Our Bargaining Team For Open Bargaining

CFA Statewide Union

Preamble to Petition:

We, the undersigned, wish to initiate the following policy, as permitted by Article XV of the bylaws, to complement the existing language regarding the appointment of the bargaining team by ensuring that those members are chosen by direct election. For this initiative to be sent to the CFA (California Faculty Association) membership. This initiative needs to be signed by at least half of the membership of 4 of our 23 campuses, we are striving to get 10,000 signatures of members. Only current CFA union members can sign.

Text of Policy Initiative (Article XV).

No bargaining team member may act as a member of the bargaining team without first being elected to the bargaining team by the general membership.

In keeping with article IX(3), the President will provide an open call to general membership for applications and nominations for bargaining team positions. Any member in good standing will be allowed to stand for election. Each candidate will supply a candidate statement, and the President will initiate a vote open to the full CFA membership. Results of these elections will be made public to all CFA members.

Following a direct election by all members, the President will follow Article IX(2) and appoint the candidates who received the most votes from general membership. In keeping with article IX(2), at least two (2) Lecturer faculty members and four (4) tenure-line faculty members must be appointed. An ideal bargaining team is representative of the membership in terms of campus, diversity, and representation of tenure-line faculty, lecturers, coaches, counselors, and librarians.

In addition to seeking advice and consent from the Board of Directors (IX[5]), the President should seek advice and consent from the final bargaining team in the selection of the chair.

Because open bargaining has shown to strengthen our position at the bargaining table, the bargaining team will work to caucus with any and all CFA members who want to participate in open bargaining.

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As a current CFA member, I support this new policy that will allow me to directly elect my bargaining team