Invest in Kids Now, Help All Delawareans Later!

Gov. Carney/Delaware General Assembly


Delaware has $55 million in unanticipated revenues. We believe this money should be spread out over four years in a “Hope Trust for Kids,” rather than spent all at once. This money should be dedicated entirely to programs that will benefit Delaware’s children, particularly those living in poverty.

The Coalition for Delaware's Kids is a diverse group of organizations involved with education, faith, health care, law enforcement, criminal justice reform, Attorney General Matt Denn's office, and civic engagement who all care about long-term investment in our young people.

We believe now is the time to invest. There are enormous long-term benefits to putting our kids in a position to succeed – including preventing allowing young people slipping into the cracks of the criminal justice system

To: Gov. Carney/Delaware General Assembly
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This year, the state finds itself with over $50 million in unanticipated one-time tax dollars. With your support we can invest in young people now to improve our future economy, reduce crime, and provide educational opportunities.

Please consider using these funds for our low-income youth through initiatives such as increased Nurse Family Partnership funding, Improving Early Childhood Education, Expanding Pre-K programs, Grants for High-Poverty Schools, Funding Additional After-School and Summer Programs, Re-Entry Programs for Juveniles, a Recovery High School, and the Data Analysis Program Recommended by the CDC Report.