Marriage Equality is Here to Stay

State Rep. Luana Stoltenberg & GOP Lawmakers

In 2009, an Iowa Supreme Court decision recognized same-sex marriage for the first time. Almost 14 years later, there's a new push to take Iowa backwards and ban marriage equality again.  

The new bill introduced by Rep. Luana Stoltenberg and several other GOP lawmakers on Tuesday will ban marriage equality in Iowa's Constitution. It's just one of over 20 bills introduced this session that target families and the LGBTQ+ community in Iowa.

We've got 48 hours to stop this bill to make sure it doesn't come up for a vote in the Iowa House.  

Please sign this petition to tell Rep. Stoltenberg & Iowa GOP lawmakers that IOWA WILL NOT GO BACK.  Marriage equality is here to stay.

After you sign, please take action and email the members of the Iowa House Judiciary Committee to vote NO on HJR 8.

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To: State Rep. Luana Stoltenberg & GOP Lawmakers
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We've had marriage equality in Iowa for over 14 years and Iowans do not want to go back.

Please vote NO on HJR 8 and make sure marriage equality is here to stay.

Keep Iowa a welcoming state to all!