Its Time for Free Birth Control in the Yukon

Yukon Government

Title laid over photos of birth control pills and iud

It's time to make birth control free in the Yukon.

Thousands of Yukoners are paying hundreds of dollars out of pocket for birth control. B.C. just announced that birth control of all kinds would be free for everyone -- the Yukon Government can do the same.

Join us to show the government just how many Yukoners agree that birth control should be free --- sign your name in the adjacent box!

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Yukoners deserve access to free prescription birth control;

Existing programs and subsidies only offer coverage to a fraction of people and don't go far enough. Thousands of Yukoners are paying out of pocket for birth control;

Free birth control is economic and reproductive justice in action.

Therefore, I ask the Government of Yukon to immediately make prescription contraceptives free of charge for all Yukon residents.