Justice for Casa Latina Workers

Casa Latina Board of Directors

After suffering two months of re-traumatization, gaslighting, victim-shaming and retaliation, Casa Latina Survivors of Sexual violence Lucina and Ana and their comrades Lili, Francisco and Sergio have started an indefinite hunger strike until our demands are met (demands below).

After attempting to go through the formal channels and reaching out to the board, we are calling for wider community support to help us achieve justice, healing and accountability.

Ways to Support:

1) Sign this petition & share this page with your networks

2) Donate to support the Hunger strikers and workers who lost wages due to retaliation:
Venmo: @CLHungerStrike

3) Come to Casa Latina (317 17th Ave S., Seattle, WA 98144) and:
- Accompany the Hunger Strikers (at any time, but especially late afternoons & evenings)
- Bring water & other beverages
- Bring instruments, art work, etc. to share
- Provide security to help keep the hunger strikers safe
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  1. We demand that Casa Latina is transparent about the fact that their leadership protected the abuser due to his relationship with the Day Worker Center’s Director, Araceli Hernandez. Therefore we demand that Araceli Hernandez and Executive Director Marcos Martinez be fired immediately for failing to protect survivors of sexual assault and for intimidating and retaliating against Casa Latina workers who spoke out against these abuses. With the support and input from the community (including Day Laborers and survivors ) hire a new leadership team

    a. We refuse to work with the C. Diamond Consulting. Instead we demand that Casa Latina creates a board to hold those in positions of power within Casa Latina accountable, led by community members (survivors, day laborers, employees, and community organizers).

  2. Complete Ban of the abuser, Gabriel Aspee, in Casa Latina spaces and events, as well as an end to the favoritism of his family at Casa Latina.

  3. We demand reparations for the survivors, their families, and comrades who were harmed in this process as they suffered retaliation and abuse of power for speaking out against sexual violence.

  4. We demand that Casa Latina’s leadership takes the necessary steps to create a safe space for survivors of sexual violence, and also commits to creating protocols to deal with sexual harassment in a way it centers the healing of the survivors and includes their voice and needs in the process. Also, we demand huge structural changes be made within Casa Latina to protect women and trans queer people from cis-heteropatriarchy.

    a. This means doing workshops in collaboration with community organizations that are committed to supporting survivors of sexual violence, who can also help educate members of Casa Latina on issues of sexual violence and victim blaming, racism, sexism, xenophobia, ableism, and other harmful oppressive practices which impact women, Queer people, Black and Indigenous people.

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We need community support to hold Casa Latina leadership accountable for perpetuating sexual violence and abusing power