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We must stop Wall Street from taking over Main Street!

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We, the people of the United States of America, are appalled by the ongoing foreclosure crisis and demand an investigation into the following:

--Property titles have been clouded by the filing of millions of forged and legally invalid documents in our land records by foreclosing parties, as corroborated by multiple county clerks and expert witnesses;
--Entities foreclosing are representing themselves to be “trustees” for “trusts”, yet these “trusts” often no longer exist (or have no capacity to demand foreclosure);
--Homeowners in non-judicial states cannot defend against foreclosures in court;
--Courts are not requiring evidence proving that the foreclosure debt is valid--either before the foreclosure is filed, or during the Discovery process;
--Homeowners are routinely denied their due process rights during a foreclosure;
--Foreclosure defense attorneys willing to fight for homeowners are being sanctioned by judges and disbarred by state and federal bar associations at alarming rates;
--Judges who have conflicts of interest are not recusing themselves or reporting the conflicts;
--Efforts to organize mass actions (such as class actions or multi-plaintiff lawsuits) against foreclosing parties are being thwarted;
--Government agencies who are tasked with protecting homeowners from dishonest financial institutions have done nothing to help homeowners, instead “bailing out” Wall Street firms.

Since 2008, despite government settlements and Pandemic-related guidelines, mortgage companies, debt-collectors and their Wall Street bank financiers continue--unpunished and unabated--the practice of abusing our country’s homeownership and foreclosure processes. Multiple legal experts and investigative journalists have documented this on-going, massive crime, including foremost financial expert and foreclosure defense attorney Neil Garfield ("Living Lies" blog) and investigative journalist Patrick Lovell, (who produced the new 5-part docuseries "The Con") with dozens of filmed interviews with current and former state officials, FBI and U.S. government regulatory agents corroborating these shocking facts.

The land records of our nation are being corrupted, families are being torn from their homes, and the right of people to own their own homes and property is under attack. We demand that these issues be investigated and that justice be served.