#Justice4KevinDavis: Petition for DeKalb P.D. to ask for GBI Investigation of Kevin Davis Shooting

Cedric Alexander, Public Safety Director, DeKalb County, GA/DeKalb Co. Chief of Police

On December 29th, 2014, Kevin Davis’s life was tragically cut short at the hands of a DeKalb County, GA Police Officer. Mr. Davis called police that night, on behalf of his girlfriend, who had been stabbed by a roommate during a dispute. Upon arrival & entry, the responding officer did not make his presence or identity known, and shot the couple’s 3-legged dog. Mistaking police for the assailant, Mr. Davis exited his bedroom, armed, to approach the front door in defense of his home and partner. He was immediately shot by the officer, prior to any warning, per three witness accounts, and in the ensuing moments was arrested for assault. He was detained, under police supervision, at Grady Hospital. His family was prevented from any contact with him over the following 2 days, until he passed, alone, in police custody. The officer implicated in the shooting is the only witness who denies this precise account.

DeKalb County Police Chief and Public Safety Director Cedric Alexander has framed himself as an advocate and leader amongst the black law enforcement community, including making an early advisory appearance in Ferguson, MO, after the shooting death of Michael Brown. We need to let him know that killings like that of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and now Kevin Davis will NOT be tolerated in our community, and that if he is to maintain any credibility as a leader, he must welcome transparency in this case.

The Davis Family and their attorneys have expressed a desire for an independent investigation of the shooting to be performed by the Georgia Bureau of Investigations; all such investigations must be initiated by an external authority, in this case, DeKalb PD. 

Will you join us in signing this petition, calling for Chief Alexander to request a GBI investigation? Justice must be sought after on behalf of Kevin and his Family, and we, the people, cannot allow Law Enforcement Organizations to police themselves. 

If you believe that answers must be given, sign and share this petition!

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To: Cedric Alexander, Public Safety Director, DeKalb County, GA/DeKalb Co. Chief of Police
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Chief Alexander,
Respectfully, we as a community are concerned over the shooting death of Kevin Davis at the hands of Officer Joseph Pitts on December 29th, 2014, in incident #GA0440200. We urge you, as a visible leader in the local and national law enforcement community, to welcome accountability and transparency, and ask the GBI to conduct an independent investigation of this case, so that the family of Mr. Davis, our legal system, and our community-at-large may have answers.