#JusticeForNoor: Serve Justice To Noor Mukadam & Pakistani Women

Prime Minister Imran Khan

Noor Mukadam’s headless body was found in the home of the son of a well-connected businessman, and activists want to make sure he can’t use his connections to evade justice.

The body of Noor Mukadam, the daughter of former Pakistani ambassador to South Korea Shaukat Mukadam, was found earlier this week in Zahid Jaffer’s house in one of Islamabad’s wealthiest neighborhoods. The body bore marks of torture and a stab wound in the temple, and police have recovered both a knife and a pistol from the home.

The grisly death, along with the deaths of two other women killed this week in Pakistan, has reignited calls for reform and greater protections from domestic violence. Mourners and protesters online organized around the hashtag #JusticeforNoor. In Lahore, demonstrators gathered and held signs reading, “Let us breath” and “Protect your daughters, Educate your sons.”

Four days after the headless body of a former Pakistani diplomat’s young daughter was discovered in Islamabad, her death has ignited a wave of fury across the globe and sparked calls for stronger protections for women in Pakistan.

We are demanding change and protection for women in Pakistan.

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Please implement change and protection for women in Pakistan.