Keep America’s Promise to Afghan Families: Pass the Afghan Adjustment Act

U.S. Congress

Pass the Afghan Adjustment Act

As the United States withdrew from Afghanistan, almost 80,000 Afghans were evacuated to the United States in a chaotic withdrawal that left many behind. Many of those now in the United States will only have temporary legal status as they start a new chapter of their life in every state and corner of this country.

The Afghan Adjustment Act will allow Afghans in the United States to access permanent legal status, after months of living in limbo. If Congress fails, countless Afghans will be forced through other burdensome legal and backlogged asylum processes.

Urge every Congressperson and Senator to pass the Afghan Adjustment Act, which was introduced in both the Senate and the House of Representatives on August 9th.

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As your constituent, I’m asking you to prioritize passing the Afghan Adjustment Act (S.4787 / H.R.8685), a bipartisan piece of legislation that will give a pathway to legal status for thousands of newly arrived Afghans in the United States. This bill has support from both sides of the aisle in Congress.

For twenty years, many of these Afghans risked their lives and that of their families in Afghanistan, which ended in heartbreak when they were forced to flee Afghanistan due to the Taliban takeover of their country last summer. More than half of recently arrived Afghan refugees are kids under 18! No one should be forced to flee their home. They need your urgent help in ensuring that their new life in the United States is a success.

No one deserves to live in legal limbo or uncertainty as they try to navigate new life here in America. I would like to remind you of the solemn promise America made to those allies who stood alongside us in the past twenty years. Now, it’s time for America to honor its promise by passing this vital and important act during the next continued resolution funding bill.

I welcome these new Afghan refugee families with open arms. Now do the same and stand alongside them by voting YES on the Afghan Adjustment Act.