Keep Arlington Students, Teachers and Staff Safe

Monique O’Grady, School Board; Libby Garvey, County Board; Dr. Durán, Superintendent

Schools are an important part of our community and play a critical role in supporting our children as a whole, not just their academic achievement. It is time to draw the line to protect the health, safety, and well being of students, school staff, their families, and community.

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To: Monique O’Grady, School Board; Libby Garvey, County Board; Dr. Durán, Superintendent
From: [Your Name]

As employees, parents, and community members, we petition you to:

Cease Fire, Stop the Press and keep Arlington County Public Schools virtual for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year.

​Science and Health Safety data support and require that no one should return to face-to-face instruction until there is a widely available scientifically proven vaccine or highly effective treatment. The metric for Safe Reopening should be 14 days of zero community spread, not a decrease.

Should plans to return to buildings be attempted for 1:1 high need students and families:

1. All buildings should be equipped with HVAC Merv-13 filters, changed on

​​​​​ 2. All staff should be provided Medical Grade PPE (N95 masks, goggles, face
shields, gowns, gloves, foot coverings, laundry service at each site).

3. All staff should be provided COVID testing.

4. NO Employees who feel unsafe whether Tier 1- Tier 4 at any level, should be forced to return before the ​safe reopening metric of 14 days are achieved.

​ 5. All staff and families should be granted the option of teleworking/distance
learning without being forced to take leave.

Since none of the requirements for safe return are likely to be met in the foreseeable future of the 2020-21 school year, we the AEA reiterate:

Keep Arlington Public Schools Virtual for the 2020-21 school year.