Keep Care in Our Communities and Support the Nurses of Baystate Noble!

Mark Keroack, President and CEO of Baystate Health

Petition update: December 8, 2020

Good news-- Baystate Health management has withdrawn their proposal to cut Noble nurses' overtime pay! Your voices are helping push Baystate Management in the right direction, but Noble nurses still need us. Baystate management is still pushing to cut nurses' sick time, despite the fact that  

Please continue to share this petition! We are close to our goal of 1,000 signatures and once we reach that goal, we will present this petition to Baystate President and CEO Mark Keroack as a nice gift for the holiday season. Join us in spreading holiday cheer, and support the Noble nurses!

Petition update: November 13, 2020

Fun fact— Baystate's President and CEO, Mark Keroack, makes $800 an hour! Another fun fact— at a recent bargaining session, Baystate management proposed cutting Noble nurses' overtime and sick time during a worsening global pandemic!  

Does this piss you off? Yeah, us too. Share this petition with your friends, family, and neighbors and let the nurses at Noble know we see them as essential and support them!

Within the last year, Baystate Noble has seen the closure of their intensive care unit and the merger of their medical-surgical and telemetry units, which led to layoffs of two-thirds of the registered nurses on the medical-surgical floor. Baystate is also moving forward with plans to close the Noble Fowler mental health wing, along with all the mental health beds at Baystate Franklin Medical Center in Greenfield and at Wing Hospital in Palmer, to consolidate their mental health services into a for-profit center in Holyoke.

These cuts and closures hurt the most vulnerable people in our region, and the community agrees. A survey of more than 460 community members distributed by Noble nurses showed overwhelming public support for keeping care local, ensuring safe patient care, and supporting Noble nurses as they fight for preserving and improving hospital services and patient care conditions.

Baystate Noble nurses are currently in ongoing contract negotiations, and are pushing Baystate to save Noble and keep care in our communities everyday, and need community support. Sign this petition and tell President and CEO of Baystate Health, Mark Keroack to listen to Noble nurses and the community!

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To: Mark Keroack, President and CEO of Baystate Health
From: [Your Name]

Dear Dr. Mark Keroack,
I am writing to urge Baystate Health to reach a fair contract settlement with the registered nurses of Baystate Noble Hospital, represented by the Massachusetts Nurses Association. I have heard from nurses and the community about what they are fighting for and I believe their concerns are valid and their proposals are reasonable.
The nurses at Noble Hospital literally put their lives on the lines when they came to work while our state was heavily stricken by the first surge of COVID-19. That heroism has not gone away, and neither has the pandemic. This is no time to try and take hard-earned benefits away from our frontline workers.
Moreover, the events of the last year have shown that we need to expand healthcare services, not decrease or eliminate them. Baystate should be investing in Noble Hospital, and actively seeking the community’s input on how best to do that.
For the health and safety of our community and frontline caregivers, I hope I can count on you to settle a fair contract with the nurses and invest in the future of Noble Hospital and the greater Westfield community.