Keep OC Safe: Keep Masks!

Orange County Board of Supervisors

Tell the OC Board of Supervisors: Keep OC Safe, Keep Masks!


Since we started this petition, Republican members of our Orange County Board of Supervisors courted far-right, anti-mask conspiracy theorists who fostered hateful public attacks on OC Health Officer Nichole Quick. Last week Dr. Quick resigned -- our 3rd health officer to resign since the pandemic began.

Within a few days of Dr. Quick's resignation, the county released a new weakened mask rule that contradicts health expert recommendations. Supervisors Michelle Steel, Andrew Do and Don Wagner have expressed doubt about health data and pushed misleading information that downplays COVID-19 rates. Republican OC Sheriff Don Barnes refused to enforce the mask order at all. These actions stand in stark contrast to similar counties in California; San Diego and Los Angeles Counties have not removed their mask orders.

This is critical. As we go back to workplaces and social gatherings, we need masks more than ever. Our economy and health depend on masks, and that's why the vast majority of Americans support wearing masks.

Tell the Board of Supervisors: We cannot reverse our progress on COVID-19. Keep OC Safe, Keep Masks!

Petition by
Mary Carter
Anaheim, California

To: Orange County Board of Supervisors
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I support the Orange County Health Officer's mask order, and I ask you to support it too.

As we begin to go back to work and school, we need expert guidance more than ever. The best way to protect both our economy and our health is with safe, responsible action -- including mask orders.

Please listen to our health experts, and support their recommendations. We're counting on you, as our elected representatives, to ensure we can reopen Orange County without a spike in new cases that could overwhelm our front-line health care workers, and cause a tragic loss of life in our communities.