Keep the Current Hybrid Working Policy for Rockstar Employees!

Rockstar Studio Management

This petition has now been delivered to Rockstar management, and there is no need for further signatures.

This is a petition for current Rockstar UK employees asking for the current flexible working policy (as of April 2022) to remain, allowing for full flexibility and employee choice on where they choose to work in the future. This petition has been delivered to UK studio management, and we continue to gather signatures to make our case to senior management.

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To: Rockstar Studio Management
From: [Your Name]

First and foremost, we want to express how proud we are to be part of Rockstar Games UK. We feel incredibly privileged to have been involved in some of the biggest and most successful titles in the industry, which continue to succeed and are regularly enjoyed by millions of passionate players around the world. Over the years we have seen positive changes in the way Rockstar Games operates, which have had a big impact on making it a more inclusive, understanding and enjoyable place to work. Together, we feel more can be done to improve things even further.

Over the last two years or so, we have seen one of the largest shifts in the way we work. The move to remote working was a big change for us all. We would like to recognise the efforts and hard work of Rockstar and the teams that helped make this process as seamless as possible. Because of these efforts we have been able to continue working and see the release of some of Rockstar's most successful updates to date. This change has led to many feeling more productive in their work as well as allowing individuals more control to work the way they feel is most efficient for them. Time previously spent commuting is now able to be enjoyed with friends and family which is vital for many peoples mental health and wellbeing. It has also been invaluable in helping manage the personal commitments of employees such as childcare.

We fear, given recent communications, that this flexibility and choice that has brought such positive change for both Rockstar Games and its employees could be greatly diminished or lost altogether. The lack of any significant consultation with employees on the future working arrangements has left us feeling that our opinions and input have been undervalued and ultimately ignored. We feel the removal of what we believe to be a fundamental right for employees to have full flexibility in choosing how they work best be it fully remotely, in office or a combination of both will have a profound negative impact on employee wellbeing and productivity moving forward.

The good news is that this has also brought us closer together, and together we feel empowered to make Rockstar Games a place where employees and leadership unite to create a workplace that truly listens and understands our continued success. We want to open up and maintain lines of communication and have the opportunity to negotiate with leadership on issues that affect us all.

Taking the above into consideration, our appeal to senior management is:

- Continuation on a permanent basis of the current flexible working policy (as of April 2022) allowing for full flexibility and employee choice on where they choose to work in the future.

We would appreciate your support and a reply no later than one week after receiving this letter. Let’s work together to create the best version of Rockstar Games UK we can!