Keep Your Promise: No Coal in Oakland!

Phil Tagami, President, CCIG


Shipping coal through West Oakland will endanger residents' health and safety and worsen climate change. Tell Phil Tagami to keep his promise and keep coal out of the Port of Oakland!

Phil Tagami, developer of the new Global Logistics Center at the former Oakland Army Base in West Oakland, promised in 2013 that "CCIG is publicly on record as having no interest or involvement in the pursuit of coal-related operations at the former Oakland Army Base.” [2]

Now, in 2015, Tagami is poised to allow four Utah counties to use public money – money intended to counter the harmful effects of coal mining! – to invest $53 million to turn the new Oakland port project into a massive coal export terminal. If allowed to move forward, millions of tons of dirty, toxic, climate-killing coal will roll through West Oakland on mile-long trains, creating toxic pollution in a community already overburdened by heavy industry.

Tagami hopes to close the deal with Utah by June - so NOW is the time to act! Sign this petition and share widely!

Thank you!

1. Contra Costa Times: Unlikely partners: Utah investing $53 million to export coal through Oakland port
2. The Yodeler: Oakland back in Big Coal’s crosshairs — secretive project to export coal from Oakland Army Base export facility revealed
3. The Salt Lake Tribune: Editorial: Coal port looks like a risky venture

Petition by
Martin MacKerel
San Francisco, California

To: Phil Tagami, President, CCIG
From: [Your Name]

Please keep your promise and keep coal out of Oakland!

We welcome the economic development that the Global Logistics Center will bring, but we don't want it at the expense of public safety, health, or climate sanity.

West Oakland is already disproportionately impacted by pollution. We don't want to see tons of coal trains rolling through, adding coal dust to the air and the tracks, endangering both our health and our safety.

We also know that we urgently need to limit climate change, and that we need to keep 80% of fossil fuels in the ground. We cannot build any new fossil fuel infrastructure – especially not a new export terminal for dirty coal.

It is for these reasons that the Oakland City Council passed a resolution last year opposing the transport of coal and crude oil through the City of Oakland.

Please respect our wishes and those of the Oakland City Council, and keep to your word – do not sign a deal to create a coal facility.

Thank you!