Keir Starmer – Back Workers Taking Action!

Keir Starmer


Now is the time to back workers and their unions in struggle - no ifs and no buts!

To: Keir Starmer
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From rail and transport to the communications sector, to education workers and beyond, more and more working people and their trade unions are taking industrial action to protect jobs, livelihoods, and public services during this deepening cost-of-living crisis. There is growing public support for these actions.

As leader of the Labour Party – which was founded by the trade unions – you should stand by those taking action to protect the future of us all. That also means reversing the disgraceful sacking of Sam Tarry.

Neither Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss will help the millions suffering during this crisis - those workers doing something about it deserve all of the Labour Party’s wholehearted support.