Ask Labour Leader Keir Starmer to commit to Free School Meals for All

Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer

89% of Labour members think all primary school children should have Free School Meals. The Trades Union Congress has called on the Labour Party to pledge it in their manifesto.

But Labour Leader Keir Starmer is still refusing to back Free School Meals for All.

Sign the petition urging Keir Starmer to listen to Labour members, trade unions, councils and mayors – and make Free School Meals for All an election promise.

To win this for children and families, we’ll need every political party behind us. Add your name now to help make this a priority issue for Labour Party leadership.

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To: Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer
From: [Your Name]

Dear Sir Keir Starmer,

I urge you to step up to the plate and join the rest of the Labour movement in calling for Free School Meals for every child in primary school in England – and make it an election promise.

Labour members, trade unions and politicians understand the difference Free School Meals for All would make for a generation of children. They’ve demonstrated our commitment to this change and are looking to you to do the same.

55 Labour MPs and Peers have already backed the Free School Meals for All Bill.

At the Labour Conference last year, members passed an emergency motion to make Free School Meals For All official party policy. In fact, an overwhelming 89% of Labour members support ensuring all primary children get a free school dinner.

Across the country, Labour politicians are showing us what’s possible. In London, Mayor Sadiq Khan’s emergency scheme is funding free school dinners for all primary school pupils through the 2023/24 academic year. In Wales, the Labour government will finish rolling out free school meals to all primary school children by 2024.

Now TUC Congress and affiliated unions are calling on you to pledge Free School Meals for All in the next Labour Manifesto.

Free breakfast clubs for all are important but they are not enough. School dinners are an essential part of education, they bridge the day and give children the nutrition and fuel to learn. That’s why parents, educators, dentists, doctors and school nurses are behind this demand too.

Free School Meals for All is good for children, good for families and will make our school communities stronger. The Labour movement knows that it’s time for this policy to move. We’re waiting for you to join us.

Will you act?