Larry Lessig For President In 2016

Larry Lessig

What if the godfather of the movement for free and fair elections, Prof Larry Lessig, ran for President of the United States? Putting a real reformer in the White House, who could root out the corruption in Washington DC, may be just the cure we need for the cancer that is consuming the nation’s capitol.

The Young Turks is holding the country’s first in the nation Progressive Presidential Primary for 2016 to determine who we should run in the Presidential Primary in order to defeat the establishment status quo. With all Lessig has done for the fight against corruption, he’s our pick and he deserves your vote too.

All the other choices are the same old politicians, with a few notable exceptions, but Lessig has walked the walk as a real reformer, not just talked the talk. Imagine a Presidential debate where he could bring every question back to the issue of money in politics, making all the other establishment candidates squirm in their seats; now, that would definitely be a debate worth watching!

Thanks for your vote for Larry Lessig in TYT’s Progressive Presidential Primary. We need to get 1,000 signatures pretty quickly so every vote counts - vote early and vote often!

You heard it here first: Larry Lessig for President. Click hereand sign the petition to vote for him in the TYT Progressive Presidential Primary. Sharing is caring, so spread the word online using this

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Please run for President in 2016. The people still have the vote, and your message will resonate throughout the country in all demographics and voting groups. If you run, you will have the largest and most important voting block behind you – the people of the United States.