Leave the Successful Sage Grouse Initiative intact

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke

U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has announced his intention to move forward with a revision of one of the most successful and collaborative conservation efforts in the country's history.

The Sage Grouse Initiative is a multi-year project that brought stakeholders from across the spectrum to the table–and to agreement–on a voluntary plan to keep the greater sage-grouse from vanishing into extinction. The initiative has been praised by governors and members of Congress from both parties and is supported by both environmentalists and members of the ranching community.

Secretary Zinke's plan to go back to the drawing board throws aside years of hard work and millions of dollars spent to achieve the agreement that is currently intact. A future Zinke-approved plan could be a giveaway to oil and gas interests intent on opening up even more sage-grouse habitat, putting these birds and countless other species at risk and would take years to achieve any comparable consensus.

Please sign the petition to Interior Secretary Zinke asking him to respect the Sage Grouse Initiative and abandon his plan to rewrite it.

To: Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke
From: [Your Name]

I am disappointed to learn that the Department of Interior is moving forward with plans to revise the Sage Grouse Initiative. This comprehensive agreement involved years of effort and brought stakeholders from the ranching, sporting, government agencies, elected officials, tribes, and environmental communities to a workable agreement.

Please reconsider this decision to rewrite a successful plan and leave the Sage Grouse Initiative in place.