Let’s Recall NSW Parliament

NSW Government

Add your name! Let's get NSW Parliament back up and running.

Currently the NSW Parliament isn't scheduled to sit until September - this needs to change.

Democracy is important at the best of times. It is especially so at the worst of times.

COVID-19 has changed everything and appropriate law enforcement and public health measures are necessary to keep our community safe. But we also need proper parliamentary oversight and collective decision-making. With NSW Parliament not sitting, this cannot happen.

Who can the community rely upon to ensure the new restrictions are properly enforced? To ensure the unprecedented expenditure on economic survival is properly targeted and fairly delivered? To press for answers on what happened with the Ruby Princess cruise ship fiasco, and how we can ensure it doesn’t happen again?

We need a plan to reopen NSW Parliament - this can be done in a way that is fully compliant with COVID-19 restrictions, if we’re willing to work together. Our democracy is too important to pause for 6 months.

Add your name to call for our politicians to get back to work in NSW Parliament.

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Rose Jackson
Sydney, New South Wales

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Let’s re-open NSW Parliament.

Our democracy is too important to pause for 6 months. We can find ways to work together to ensure we meet COVID-19 restrictions and ensure the strongest possible community response. Let’s get the NSW Parliament back to work!