Liz Truss, fund our public services

Liz Truss, new prime minister

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The Conservatives have now been in Government for over 12 years. 12 damning years of failure. But their most shameful record is how public services are today.

  • Record NHS waiting lists, with over 6 million people waiting for treatment by June 2022

  • 1,000 libraries closed, with 10,000 jobs lost

  • Government funding for local councils down 37% by 2019

  • The cost of childcare rising and providers struggling to stay open as 95% report that Government funding doesn’t cover their costs

  • Only a third of children and young people able to access mental health treatment

With the cost of living soaring, public services are more essential than ever. Public services help people get the support they need. Public services keep people healthy. Public services save lives.

Greens in Brighton & Hove are fighting hard to keep services open and protect the city from the worst of the Government’s vicious cuts. We have:

  • Increased fund to help residents pay for essential, urgent goods like fridges and ovens

  • Set up a cost-of-living donation fund with Citizens Advice and Brighton & Hove Food Partnership, which has raised over £35,000 for people in need

  • Increased the pay of 3,800 lowest paid council staff so they can support themselves and their families

  • Protected the funding for essential services like our childrens’ centres, libraries and sports facilities, despite Government cuts

  • Reforming the council tax reduction scheme to include even more people, so working households earning up to £250 a week can benefit.

But we can’t do everything alone. So much of the funding our public services need has to come from the national government.

We think that Liz Truss needs to know just how valued these services are.

With whispers of an emergency budget - now is the time for Liz Truss to put an end to the Government’s cuts public services. Now is the time for the Conservatives to fund our services to the level they deserve.

Please sign our petition today to call on PM Liz Truss to fund our services.

To: Liz Truss, new prime minister
From: [Your Name]

We the undersigned call on you to make your first act better funding of public services. As the cost of living rises - our services need your help more than ever. Yet the last 12 years of Conservative Government have seen them continually cut.

Please reverse this trend and fund our public services today.