Walmart & GE/Savant -- Save Jobs & The Planet - Keep LED Bulbs Made In USA!

GE, Savant, and Walmart

IUE-CWA Local 84704 workers in Bucyrus, OH are fighting to keep jobs and their plant’s LED light bulb line from being offshored. These members work at GE-Savant Lighting, where they make LED light bulbs exclusively for Walmart. The lightbulbs are currently stamped "Made in the USA." This facility is one of the only residential lighting facilities left in the United States and we are working hard to keep it from shutting down.

Big corporations like Walmart love to send jobs to other countries where they can increase their profits by exploiting workers and the environment. Walmart is driving this race to the bottom for wages and the environment, while our communities and our planet suffer, and good union jobs disappear.

Join us in calling on GE/Savant and Walmart to save jobs and the planet by keeping LED bulbs made in Bucyrus, Ohio and sign the petition below!

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We stand with IUE-CWA Local 84704 members in Bucyrus, OH who are proud to punch in every day, making light bulbs at one of the only residential lighting factories left in the USA. The workers at this facility recently received word that GE-Savant Lighting intends to transfer their LED light bulb product line to China, permanently laying off over 80 workers, and possibly closing the plant. The LED bulbs this facility produces are made exclusively for Walmart.

We are part of a national coalition demanding that GE-Savant Lighting and Walmart keep these LED light bulbs made in Bucyrus, OH. Walmart’s new national advertising campaign claims the company is dedicated to promoting American manufacturing and reducing their carbon footprint. Ensuring that these bulbs are made in the U.S. is how they can show they actually mean what they say.