Make It Easier to Vote - More Ballot Drop Boxes for Bucks County

Bucks County Commissioners

Last November, 48% of voters used vote by mail and already, mail in ballot requests for the upcoming primary suggest that the percentage will be even higher. Estimates indicate that our postal service will need to handle 90,000 pieces of additional mail between late April and May 18. Given concerns about the reliability and timeliness of the mail, many voters will choose to put their ballots in a drop box to meet the deadline.  

In Bucks County, we had only three drop box locations last fall. Many voters had to drive a significant distance to one, and those going to Doylestown spent more time looking for parking. Meanwhile, other counties had far more boxes, many with 24/7 access.

With all of the voter suppression efforts in PA and around the country, it's more important than ever to make it easy for everyone to vote. Let's make our voice heard by contacting our County Commissioners to demand more ballot drop boxes.

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To: Bucks County Commissioners
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We respectfully urge the Bucks County Commissioners to install additional drop boxes in the seven county libraries and 11 district libraries in time for the November general election. The three drop boxes provided last fall were inconvenient for many voters. There was only one drop box per 162,788 voters. Even the widely criticized Georgia voting legislation provides one drop box per 100,00 voters.

Given concerns about the reliability and timeliness of the U.S. mail, we want to ensure our votes will arrive in time to be counted. Mail-in ballots and Drop Boxes are the future.