Mayor Bowser must end chronic homelessness during her second term

Mayor Bowser

Mayor Bowser is hard at work writing her budget and she needs to hear from you. With your help, we can show the Mayor just how many of us believe that funding to end long term homelessness should be a top priority.

The Way Home Campaign calls on Mayor Bowser to invest $35.5 million to house 1,140 individuals and 177 families in fiscal year 2020 and to end chronic homelessness by the end of her second term.

To: Mayor Bowser
From: [Your Name]

Dear Mayor Bowser,

Thanks to your leadership and the resilience of people living without homes, DC housed over 2,500 vulnerable individuals during your first term! This proves that DC can end chronic homelessness. However, we have much more work to do.

Currently, 7,500 individuals are experiencing homelessness in DC, including 1,500 people who have been homeless for over a year. In addition, 70% of people experiencing homelessness in DC are people of color and 76% of women experiencing homelessness in DC have experienced violence. In 2018, 54 individuals died without the dignity of a home. This is an urgent problem with a concrete solution. Housing ends homelessness, but significantly more resources are needed.

For less than one half of one percent of DC’s overall $14.5 billion budget, we can house 1,140 individuals and 177 families experiencing chronic homelessness. In 2018, 54 people died without the dignity of a home in DC. Investments in housing to end chronic homelessness will save lives, save taxpayer money, and ensure our neighbors can thrive.

The Way Home Campaign, our 101 partner organizations, and over 5,500 supporters urge you to end chronic homelessness during your second term and to start with a down payment of $35.5 million in fiscal year 2020.

**The original version of this petition has been abridged for length; no additional content has been added**