Mayor Bowser must end chronic homelessness during her second term

Mayor Bowser


Right now, Mayor Bowser is finalizing next year’s budget. Now is the time to raise our voices and demand the resources needed to put DC back on track to end chronic homelessness.

The Way Home Campaign calls on Mayor Bowser to invest $35.5 million to house 1,140 individuals and 177 families in fiscal year 2020 and to end chronic homelessness by the end of her second term.

Over the past four years, Mayor Bowser invested more in housing to end homelessness than any previous administration by providing over 2,500 households with permanent housing during her first term. Yet, during the same time period, 191 of our neighbors died without homes. We must significantly increase our investments to end homelessness for DC’s most vulnerable residents.

DC can END chronic homelessness in the next four years. Please sign the petition to let Mayor Bowser know that DC residents won’t settle for anything less.

Petition by
The Way Home Campaign
Washington, District of Columbia

To: Mayor Bowser
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Dear Mayor Bowser,

Thanks to your leadership and the resilience of people living without homes, DC housed over 2,500 vulnerable individuals during your first term. This proves that DC can end chronic homelessness. However, during the same time period, 191 people died without housing in DC. We have much more work to do.

DC can afford to end chronic homelessness. Our neighbors without homes cannot afford to wait. We are not doing enough to end chronic homelessness when 7,500 of our neighbor’s experience homelessness on a given night, including 1,500 people who have been homeless for over a year. We are not doing enough when we know 70% of people experiencing homelessness are people of color and 76% of women experiencing homelessness have faced violence.

Housing ends homelessness, but more resources are needed.
Housing with supportive services ends homelessness. Yet, without housing, things like health, education and employment become exceedingly difficult. Housing is the linchpin resource for a thriving community. While individuals are living and dying on DC’s streets and in shelters, we cannot reach our full potential as a world-class city.

For less than one half of one percent of DC’s overall $14.5 billion budget, we can house 1,140 individuals and 177 families experiencing chronic homelessness. In 2018, 54 people died without the dignity of a home in DC. These deaths are not just tragic; they were preventable. Mayor Bowser, by choosing to end chronic homelessness, you can save lives, save taxpayer money, and ensure our neighbors can thrive.

Please commit to ending chronic homelessness during your second term.
By investing in data-driven and cost-effective solutions, you can end chronic homelessness in your second term. Mayor Bowser, we ask you to use the FY 2020 budget as a moral document and make bold choices that will ensure that nobody lives or dies without the dignity of a home in our Nation’s Capital. It is beyond time to end chronic homelessness. Let’s show the nation that real DC Values mean housing those most in need.

Mayor Bowser, you have committed to ending chronic homelessness, but that goal is far from realized. The Way Home Campaign, our 101 partner organizations, and over 5,500 supporters are paying attention, and we demand real change. DC can afford to end chronic homelessness. Our neighbors experiencing homelessness cannot afford to wait any longer.