Protect Hotel Workers' Jobs Now!

Hon. Lisa Beare, Minister of Tourism, Arts, and Culture

The Government had to put 50,000 hotel workers out of work to protect public health.  

Business asked the Government to delay when they pay severance to those workers.

Business got what they asked for.

But when hotel workers asked for a legal right to get their jobs back when businesses reopen...

Tourism Minister Lisa Beare ignored what hotel workers need. Sign the petition to tell Minister Beare to protect hotel workers' jobs now!

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To: Hon. Lisa Beare, Minister of Tourism, Arts, and Culture
From: [Your Name]

Dear Hon. Beare,

We are writing to ask that you guarantee that hospitality workers have a job to go back to as the economy recovers. We stayed home because the government told us to protect public health, but now we are not sure if we will have jobs to return to and whether our employers will hire us back.

Hotel workers have generated billions in revenue to the tourism industry. We're the ones who have spent years building B.C.'s hospitality industry. While we're thankful for the governmental assistance that has been made available to us during COVID-19, that will be for nothing if we don't have jobs to go back to when all this is over.

Just last week, the Province extended temporary layoffs to help businesses delay severance payments. We don't want to be left behind. We ask that you do the right thing by legally ensuring that we have jobs to return to.