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It is long past overdue for American Jews to end our community's support for the occupation.

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We are Jews in Minnesota - Oceti Sakowin land which includes Lakota, Nakota, Dakota, and Anishinaabeg territory. We are horrified by Israel’s ongoing violence against Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah, Gaza, the West Bank, and across the Holy Land. Now is the time for our community to connect the dots: the horrors we’re seeing are the result of the same system. The events of the past week are a continuation of decades of violence, ethnic cleansing, and theft by the state of Israel, and as Jews we cannot be silent.

Palestinians live under Israeli military occupation with no political representation.

Palestinians are being forced from their ancestral homes and land by Israel.

Palestinians face daily brutality from a military equipped and funded by the US.

There is no “both sides” argument for shelling Palestinian apartment buildings, killing Palestinian children, or stealing Palestinian homes. We must work to end Israel's apartheid system and the occupation of Palestine

For too long American tax-dollars, $3.8 Billion each year, have been used by Israeli forces to commit this violence.

For too long, Jewish communities and institutions - our synagogues, community organizations, schools - have justified Israel’s violence, or been silent. This violence is being carried out in the name of Jewish safety, but we know better. The actions of the Israeli government are a direct impediment to Jewish safety. Israeli violence against Palestinians in Gaza gives a facade of security, but comes at the cost of real, lasting Jewish safety and the human cost of violence against Palestinians.

For too long, politicians have used us, American Jews, as an excuse to continue funding war crimes of the State of Israel. And to them we say: not in our name. While Israeli leaders are openly promoting policies of ethnic cleansing and apartheid, too many American leaders are recycling the same talking points about peace and two-states they’ve been using since the 90’s. Enough is enough.

Our tradition commands us to seek justice, to speak the truth, and above all to honor and protect human life. We call for an end to unconditional US military aid to Israel; for the return of Palestinian homes and land; and for an end to the siege and violence on Gaza.

Ethnic cleansing is not our Judaism.
Sponsored by Jewish Voice for Peace - Twin Cities; and IfNotNow - Twin Cities


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