MoMA Drop Kravis

Museum of Modern Art

We are calling on the Museum of Modern Art to cut ties with climate criminal Henry Kravis. Kravis is the co-founder of KKR, a private equity firm that has invested nearly $15 billion in fossil fuel projects in just the last two years. MoMA has taken substantial donations from Kravis, named several galleries after him, and appointed his wife as their board chair.

There is no reason a respected institution like MoMA should be so deeply intertwined with one of the people fueling the Climate Crisis. By elevating Kravis's name, the MoMA is giving him a moral license he does not deserve. Kravis is funding the destruction of our world and should be ostracized until KKR halts investments in fossil fuel projects.

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To: Museum of Modern Art
From: Richard Stallman

MoMA Board of Directors,

Allowing Mr. Kravis to be a prominent funder of MoMA and affix his name to galleries not only provides him with a social and moral license he does not deserve but also sends a distressing message to the public. MoMA's credibility as an influential cultural institution committed to advancing artistic excellence and social progress is compromised by its association with an individual and a firm perpetuating the climate crisis and destroying communities.