#MothersDay: Urge Saudi Arabia to stop violating mothers' rights!

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All around the world, mothers face challenges to their health, well-being, and freedom. Saudi Arabia's dictatorship is a terrible example.  

In Saudi Arabia, mothers and women face extreme discrimination and human rights violations:

  • Saudi police do not protect women and mothers against domestic violence and abuse.
  • Women activists are imprisoned and separated from children and families.
  • Saudi mothers do not have the right to automatically pass on their citizenship to their children.
  • Mothers in Saudi Arabia face extreme discrimination in court.
  • Foreign mothers of Saudi children do not have the right to travel with their children without the Saudi fathers’ permission.

Despite this terrible record, Saudi Arabia is posing as a world leader by hosting this year's G20 summit of the world's wealthiest countries.

All governments, businesses, and organizations must boycott the Saudi G20 until Saudi Arabia's dictatorship stops violating human rights.

Please join us and sign this petition.

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Saudi Arabia's dictatorship must stop violating the rights of women and mothers.

All governments, businesses, and organizations must boycott Saudi Arabia's G20 summit until the Saudi monarchy stops violating human rights.