Move Forward on NH Offshore Wind

Governor Maggie Hassan

Show Governor Hassan that New Hampshire needs real renewable energy solutions! 350 New Hampshire and Seacoast Anti-Pollution League have put together a campaign to help our state move forward on climate with tangible next steps. Sign the petition to raise your voice for offshore wind!

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To: Governor Maggie Hassan
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Dear Governor Hassan,

Whereas the Federal Department of Energy has determined that the Gulf of Maine has a total potential wind power capacity in excess of 200,000 Megawatts within 50 miles of the coasts of New Hampshire, Maine and northeast Massachusetts, and utilizing just a small percentage of this potential, combined with other renewable resources, could provide most of the future power needs of these states, and

Whereas floating wind turbine technology has been proven to work off the coasts of Portugal, Japan, Norway and Maine, and several demonstration wind farms are in construction elsewhere, and

Whereas operation of floating wind farms 10 to 50 miles off our coast is expected to have much less impact on our environment and public health than all existing power sources, as well as create less aesthetic concern than terrestrial wind farms, and

Whereas development and operation of offshore wind farms have the potential to create large numbers of jobs and other economic activity within Portsmouth Harbor and other coastal communities,

We, the undersigned, urge Governor Hassan to make a formal request to the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) to form a Task Force and stakeholder process to plan for regional offshore wind development, and to work with neighboring states' governors to make this a multistate effort throughout the Gulf of Maine.

For these reasons, we need you to stand up as a leader for renewable energy. As a constituent of New Hampshire, I ask that you act in the next step to bringing offshore wind to our great state.

Thank you