National Trust: drop dirty Barclays bank now

Hilary McGrady - CEO of the National Trust

The National Trust pledge to "Protecting nature, beauty and history", but they're banking with Europe's biggest fossil fuel funder - Barclays. Together we're demanding that the National Trust ditches their climate-wrecking bank for a greener one. It'll take money away from Barclays, and be a huge hit to their reputation - a double win! Join the movement and sign the petition now:

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To: Hilary McGrady - CEO of the National Trust
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It’s amazing that as an organisation, you care about the protection and beauty of our environment. But, you bank with Barclays.

Despite what they say, Barclays is seriously committed to destroying the climate. Barclays is lending upwards of $167 BILLION dollars to the world’s worst fossil fuel companies (since 2016). That’s the most of any bank in Europe. They’re also pouring billions into the giant Jackdaw oil rig in the North Sea.

We’re in a climate crisis. As the world is going off a cliff, Barclays is cutting the brakes. That doesn’t fit with your commitment to the environment. So as your customers and potential customers, we’re asking you to drop Barclays and bank with a different bank that has proper policies for reducing and ending their funding of fossil fuels.

Barclays has no policy for ending all fossil fuel funding. And Barclays is still lending billions to the worst fossil fuel companies in the world. So Barclays is not who you should be banking with.