No Gas Power Plant in New Orleans East!

New Orleans City Council

Energy Future New Orleans is working to protect people and neighborhoods from Entergy's proposal to build a gas power plant in New Orleans East.

Entergy, a private utility company, has presented the New Orleans City Council with two expensive, polluting gas power plant "options."

The New Orleans City Council regulates Entergy and has the final say on New Orleans’ energy future. We need to urge City Councilmembers to use their full authority to move New Orleans forward with efficient and renewable energy solutions.

Take action today! Sign the petition calling on the New Orleans City Council to ‘Vote No’ on Entergy’s proposed gas plant.
The Energy Future New Orleans coalition includes Alliance for Affordable Energy, Deep South Center for Environmental Justice, Sierra Club, VAYLA and 350Louisiana

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Grace Morris Morris
New Orleans, Louisiana

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Stand up for New Orleans’ energy future. Vote ‘No’ on Entergy’s proposed gas power plant in New Orleans East.

The future of our city depends on energy that is renewable, efficient, healthy, safe, affordable and equitable.