No Justice, No Peeps: Support Striking Peeps Employees!

Ross Born and David Shaffer, Co-CEOs, Just Born

Four hundred people who make beloved, iconic marshmallow Peeps and other candies in Bethlehem, Pa., made the hard decision to go out on strike on September 7.

Despite soaring profits, the corporation they work for–Just Born Inc.–wants to bully them into agreeing to eliminate their hard-earned pension plan and make other life-altering cuts to their health care and benefits.

They're drawing a line in the sand over corporate greed – will you join them?  

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To: Ross Born and David Shaffer, Co-CEOs, Just Born
From: [Your Name]

I pledge to support the working people on strike at the Just Born Inc. factories in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in their effort to create a better workplace and jobs that sustain their families and communities.