No Land Deal Without Community Benefits!

Detroit City Council, Mayor Mike Duggan

Detroit City Council is considering the transfer of publicly-owned land to the Detroit International Bridge Co, who want to use the land for a new international bridge. This would tremendously impact the nearby communities. Tell Council to not approve the deal without assured community benefits!

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To: Detroit City Council, Mayor Mike Duggan
From: [Your Name]

Dear Detroit City Council & Mayor Duggan,

DO NOT transfer a portion of the publicly-owned Riverside Park land to the Detroit International Bridge Co. (DIBC), who will use it to build a second bridge - UNTIL the City & its People have a Legally Binding Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) with the DIBC!

By comparison, the City did not transfer a single publicly-owned parcel to the Gordie Howe International Bridge (GHIB) Developer until a CBA had been reached.

Additionally, the undersigned demand that the community be given a chance to review the plans for the new bridge or any other DIBC expansion. This is critical to our public health and quality of life.

It would be irresponsible for the City of Detroit to transfer publicly-owned land without seeing designs for the new bridge and definitively knowing whether the old bridge will be demolished. A project of this magnitude deserves time for residents to comment on the plans - just like the GHIB Bridge Plans were made public with community engagement.

Any construction of another bridge or expansion of any kind would have irreparable and immediate impact on the nearby neighborhoods. The People deserve assurances that we will be protected, and provided community benefits. Before you transfer the land, the People deserve to see the plans, and we deserve a legally binding community benefits agreement!