No More Government Shut-Downs!

Speaker of the House The Honorable Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is leading the charge to create a long-term spending plan that will keep government open for good. Please sign the Women's Equity Center and Action Network (WE CAN) petition to let her know that we appreciate her efforts so far and that we want her to continue to fight for common sense legislation and a spending package that will work for ALL Americans.

Your voice is CRITICAL and MUST BE HEARD!

Thank you!

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To: Speaker of the House The Honorable Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
From: [Your Name]

Dear Madam Speaker:

Thank you for putting the needs of the American people first! I am deeply concerned about the state of affairs in the United States Congress and implore you to work very hard to reach a bipartisan deal that will keep the Federal government open for good.

As a woman of color united with others in the Women’s Equity Center and Action Network, I share your concern about border security, but a wall is not what border states need or want. I share your concern about Federal employees who will struggle to get back to normal after the shut-down, so thank you in advance for not causing them any more harm. I share your concern about low-income families and the uninsured, and I look forward to smart legislation that will create opportunities for women of color.

Our government works best when we have an approved budget, developed with input from both sides of the House. Too many women of color are suffering, and we need your strong leadership to create a government that WORKS FOR ALL OF US.

Please continue to do your best to seek consensus that will best serve ALL Americans.

Thank you for your service.