900 Hilgard: Oppose Massive High Rise Proposal

Councilmember Paul Koretz

Please sign this petition for each voting-age member of your household-- separately.

We must insist Councilman Koretz stop these plans to build a high-rise at 900 Hilgard. No on 16 stories. No on 8 stories.


Petition by
Save Hilgard
Los Angeles, California

To: Councilmember Paul Koretz
From: [Your Name]

I insist you reject both the 16-story and 8-story high-rise proposals called Agora at 900 Hilgard.

The 16-story proposal is over 4x the height that is allowed on this site and over 3x the amount of square footage. Both the 16-story and 8-story proposals will have material and adverse impacts to us that include lower property values, increased noise and traffic in an already congested intersection, negative skyline and shading issues, and negative business impacts on the project’s existing commercial neighbors. This intersection of Hilgard and Le Conte is a gateway to all who enjoy Westwood Village and must not be undermined by an egregiously incompatible proposal. The current zoning law of 45 feet tall is in place to protect residents. This is bad precedent for every future development in the City.

Many supporters of the Agora were generated through manufactured/ paid social media efforts that exploit sympathetic causes such as student homelessness and high student housing costs – important issues that the 8-story proposal rejects and which is not economically feasible even in the 16-story model proposed.

We understand the Agora developers are advancing known mistruths through their paid lobbyists and consulting firm, Afriat.

Vote “No” on 900 Hilgard Agora. Vote “No” on 16 stories and “No” on 8 stories. Listen to your voters and not paid lobbyists that lie to our community. Protect our community.