No on approving the Conditional Use for Fort Point!!!

Hillary Ronen, Richard Hillis, Dennis Richards, Myrna Melgar,

The Mission District doesn't need any more brewpubs!

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San Francisco, California

To: Hillary Ronen, Richard Hillis, Dennis Richards, Myrna Melgar,
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"Dear Supervisor Ronen, Planning Commissioners, and Planning Director Rahaim,

We are Mission residents, and we are very concerned with the proposed project to turn our quiet block into a destination drinking and party zone. Ft Point Beer Company has plans to build a 150 seat counter service bar, serving $5-7 hot dogs (they’re $3.50 on Mission St) and $5-7 beers. The expensive hot dogs were apparently added so they can sell their overpriced beer.

This bar/"brewpub" plans to be open from 11 am to midnight 7 days/week, disturbing the quiet nature of our community. These hours must be limited as this is a family neighborhood. This bar should not be open past 10 pm on this small residential street.

In addition, this is not a community-serving business for the neighborhood. The average family can’t afford $12-15 for a hot dog and a beer. This is a destination business, with tourists coming from all over San Francisco in their Ubers/Lyfts, increasing traffic, adding to congestion, and making it unsafe to ride your bike, or even walk, in our own neighborhood. Parking will be impossible on our block with hundreds of people added each night, competing for already limited spaces.

Fort Pt is already the 4th largest manufacturing company in the city and county of San Francisco with one full manufacturing center in the Presidio and small counter service in the Ferry building. The need to add a 3rd location in our family neighborhood is questionable in nature.

Their conditional use permit says: they “will not result in a significant increase in any type of traffic or parking associated with the use…” Adding hundreds of people to this block each night will only result in a significant increase in traffic and parking.