No Plastic Factories for Ohio and No Petrochemical Hub for the Ohio River

Governor Mike Dewine and PTT Global Chemical Corporation of Thailand

PTT Global Chemical America has proposed to construct this massive petrochemical facility. The company plans to use ethane from fracked gas to produce plastic pellets, which will subsequently be converted into various products, much of which would become single-use plastic products. PTTGC's proposal is part of a broader effort among companies to find a market for fracked gas; the industry's development of the region includes preliminary plans for many projects in the Ohio River Valley that could potentially transform the Ohio Valley into another “cancer alley,” as is found along the Petrochemical Corridor of Louisiana. The projects are collectively known as the Appalachian Petrochemical Hub, which will put communities already suffering from intense shale gas fracking in the Appalachian portion of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia at greater risk for increased health issues, including cancer, asthma, and heart disease. The PTTGC facility may also cause significant damage to the Ohio River itself, one of the nations most polluted rivers, which has seen improvements in recent years. All in all, the PTT Global facility will require an estimated 105,000 barrels of ethane per day, which is estimated to require 1,000 new fracking wells to produce every 3-5 years.

Also proposed are massive storage hubs for the natural gas liquids. Huge salt caverns are proposed to be constructed underground in WV to store the natural gas liquids for processing, potentially creating risks such as sinkholes, explosions, and leaks. The plant would emit 1.7 million tons of CO2 or CO2 equivalents per year, as well as volatile organic compounds, and chemicals including hexane, ammonia, benzene, and ethyl chloride, to name a few.

By signing this petition, you stand in solidarity with people who do not want these projects along the Ohio River Valley. You call on elected officials to NOT support these projects. If you are aren't aware of this project, please visit these websites for more information:

To: Governor Mike Dewine and PTT Global Chemical Corporation of Thailand
From: [Your Name]

Dear Governor DeWine and PTT Global,

The Ohio River is the drinking water source for five million people. It is the sources of the multi-million dollar recreation-based economy from Pittsburgh Pa. to Cairo Il. I do not support petrochemical industries in the Ohio River Valley. Your support of the PTTG ethane cracker is shortsighted and puts the health and welfare of millions at risk. Pull the permits issued to PTT Global today.