No Police Marshals at Boston Pride

Members of the Boston Pride Committee

LGBTQ Pride celebrations come out of a movement started by trans women of color, working class and poor queer people, sex workers, and homeless youth. It is appalling that Boston Pride would honor any police officer, particularly one who has publicly expressed a racist, Islamophobic, classist views.

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Boston, Massachusetts

To: Members of the Boston Pride Committee
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We the undersigned are deeply disappointed and angry that Boston Pride would allow Anthony Imperioso to be chosen as one of the Marshals this year. In a time when organizing has grown all across the country, including here in Massachusetts, against racist police violence, it is particularly disturbing that the Boston Pride Committee would allow this choice to go forward. Every year at Pride people commemorate the Stonewall uprising. It should be well understood that the three day event on Christopher Street in New York City was a resistance to police violence. To honor a police officer as part of Pride is an affront to the many LGBTQ people, particularly people of color, poor people, transgender people, and homeless people, who continue to be targets of police violence.

Police are responsible for systemic violence against LGBTQ people throughout New England, the country, and the world. We can lift up the names of Jesse Hernández, Duanna Johnson, and Louis Falcone, just to name a few, who were beaten and/or killed by police. Anthony Imperioso, in particular, has taken to Facebook to make inappropriate, offensive, and bigoted statements about Black Lives Matters protestors, Muslims, and people on welfare. This is unacceptable.

We ask that you, the Boston Pride Committee, reverse the decision to include Anthony Imperioso as a Pride Marshall. We also ask that you, instead, lift the voices of LGBTQ people who are organizing against police violence. Additionally we ask that Boston Pride, as an apology, make a donation to the efforts of the Providence Youth Student Movement (an LGBTQ youth of color-led organization) who are organizing against racist police violence in Providence.

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