No Renter Left Behind: Ensure a Just & Debt Free Recovery!

Governor Gavin Newsom, Senate Pro Tem Atkins, and Assembly Speaker Rendon

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SB 91 brings critical relief to many California renters and landlords, but leaves far too many tenants at risk of eviction and crushing debt. The crisis doesn’t stop when everyone is vaccinated, it stops when our communities have fully recovered. California must adopt the No Renter Left Behind plan to ensure a just and debt free recovery for all Californians.

Let's build on the state's recovery momentum by:

  • Protecting against long-term credit impacts of COVID financial distress
  • Extending and expanding critical protections from SB 91 past June 30
  • Closing SB 91 Loopholes: Making full rent relief universal to all eligible tenants & not conditional on landlord participation
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To: Governor Gavin Newsom, Senate Pro Tem Atkins, and Assembly Speaker Rendon
From: [Your Name]

We will be feeling the economic impact of COVID-19 for years.

We hope you agree that no one should lose the roof over their heads because of a financial hardship during the pandemic. Not tenants. Not small landlords. NO ONE.

CA’s COVID Tenant Relief law (SB 91) is helping many struggling tenants and landlords, but additional steps are needed if we are to prevent untold evictions from further harming families and communities.

I am asking you to support the No Renter Left Behind agenda, which means the following actions:

- Ensure that all eligible tenants can get full rent forgiveness. The current program, where full rent forgiveness is conditional on landlord participation, opens the door to uneven and discriminatory application of this assistance.
- Extend the rental and utility assistance in SB 91 at least through September 2021, as the Federal law allows.
- Make universal “Just-Cause Eviction Protections,” and the “15-Day Notice to Pay or Quit”, permanent, establishing some basic fairness for renters.
- Prevent any unpaid rent and utility bills from negatively impacting a person's credit worthiness and ability to access future housing.

We owe it to essential workers and most vulnerable families - a majority of whom are people of color - to step up and be here for them, as they have been there for us.

Any loophole in eviction protections will undeniably perpetuate cycles of gentrification and displacement on communities of color.

Please do the right thing and move a budget trailer bill with these No Renter Left Behind protections so that we can stem the tide of homelessness and displacement.

Thank you