Ohioans to President Biden: Cancel student debt now!

President Biden

The education debt crisis affects around 45 million borrowers across the country. It is imperative we use our voices as students to advocate and fight for more accessible and affordable education. We know that over half of college students struggle with education debt in the state of Ohio— this issue is far from being resolved. We are calling on Joe Biden and Ohio lawmakers to implement policy to stop this crisis and ensure the possibility of a debt-free degree for all Ohioans, regardless of race or income.

To: President Biden
From: Darlene Moorman

As students, alums, young people, and community members across Ohio, we demand that President Joe Biden take immediate executive action to cancel the education debt held by 44 million Americans. This would help all of us build a future with dignity.

We call on our Ohio elected officials, including Senators Brown and Portman, to use the power of their office and standing to help make this vision a reality. This includes supporting legislation to make public universities tuition-free and debt-free. We believe we can do this with their cooperation.

The crisis is clear: Across the country, around half of adults with at least a bachelor’s degree struggle with outstanding debt, reaching $1.6 trillion in total and $30,000 per person. This debt is substantially more burdensome for Black folks, especially Black women. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has made matters worse, with two-thirds of borrowers reporting increased anxiety, depression, or stress about their debt. We are stuck in a lose-lose situation. The average cost of attendance has more than doubled since the 1980s. At the same time, forgoing a degree in our competitive global economy is not a real option.

As the Ohio Student Association, we’re committed to building the political power of young people to fight for economic, racial, and social justice. Because the Midwest Got Something to Say.