Bristol's Mayor, Bristol City Council & The West of England Combined Authority Metro Mayor

This is the biggest decision for our climate in the Bristol region.

Plans for Bristol Airport expansion will generate a million additional tonnes of carbon emissions every year.

We know that we need to be reducing carbon not increasing it.

After a massive outcry North Somerset rejected the Airport's expansion plans. But the Airport are appealing the decision at an upcoming planning inquiry. By joining together it can be stopped!

The Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees, and Metro Mayor for the West of England, Tim Bowles, have both expressed support for the expansion.

We are asking them to change their minds and call for the Airport to drop its plans to expand. Their opposition could be the deciding factor at the planning enquiry.

Our leaders have a duty to protect the next generation.

If the airport won its appeal, its expansion plans would mean:

  • 1 million tonnes of additional carbon emissions a year (Bristol’s total emissions are currently 1.6 million tonnes a year)*

  • A precedent set for the 23 other local airports all across the country looking to expand

  • An extra 23,600 flights a year over the heads of local residents

  • An extra 10,000 car journeys a day and a multi-storey car park on greenbelt land.

Join us!

Tell Mayors Tim Bowles and Marvin Rees you want them to oppose the airport expansion.

Share the petition with your friends and family and help make a huge impact.

Together we can protect our children's future.

*One million tonnes of carbon equivalent greenhouse gases.

Campaign Update:

Bristol City Council have retracted their support for Bristol Airport Expansion, stating that expansion would be: "incompatible" with carbon reduction targets and "must not go ahead".

This is a huge win for democracy and the climate! But the campaign doesn't end there…

Now that Bristol City Council are in opposition, the West of England Combined Authority must do the same!

2 of the 3 WECA local authorities are now in opposition to Bristol airport expansion. It is time for Metro Mayor Tim Bowles to publicly oppose airport expansion, and for Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees to write to WECA and the national planning inquiry confirming Bristol City Council’s opposition to the proposed airport expansion.

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To: Bristol's Mayor, Bristol City Council & The West of England Combined Authority Metro Mayor
From: [Your Name]

We call on Marvin Rees, Bristol Mayor and Tim Bowles, the WECA Metro Mayor, to
publicly oppose the proposed expansion of Bristol airport. The democratic decision
of North Somerset Council should be respected.