To Whom It May Concern


Top Black Women Leaders Denounce Racist, Sexist Attacks Against VP Candidates


Black women are many things. We are business executives, political strategists and elected officials, philanthropists, and activists. We are health and wellness practitioners. We are entertainers and faith leaders. We are wives, mothers, daughters, educators, and students. We set and shift culture. We build power and we are powerful.

We are the highest propensity voters in this nation. We are a coalition of Black women leaders, who, in this inflection point of the Black liberation movement, where people around the world are galvanized to action, know that the time for Black women in the United States is now.  

Over the past few months in the media, we have witnessed many Black women put forth as potential Vice Presidential candidates including former Gubernatorial Candidate Stacey Abrams, Congresswoman Karen Bass, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, Senator Kamala Harris, Congresswoman Val Demings, and former US Ambassador Susan Rice, be publicly critiqued. We have also watched many of these highly-credentialed women be disrespected in the media over the last few weeks.

Regardless of your political affiliation, whether it's the media, members of the vice presidential vetting committee, a former Governor, a top political donor, or a small town mayor: We are not your Aunt Jemimas. The use of the racist myth of a happy, Black servant portrayed as a happy domestic worker loyal to her White employer is not lost on us. While some of the relentless attacks on Black women and our leadership abilities have been more suggestive than others, make no mistake--we are qualified and ambitious without remorse.

We are servant leaders -- motivated by a desire to uplift and advance our communities and nation. And we will not tolerate racist or sexist tropes consistently utilized in an effort to undermine our power. No matter who you are supporting for Vice President, you should be equally outraged by the blatant disrespect of Black women.

Black women have been and remain vital across sectors. We are indebted to women like Ella Baker, Septima Clarke, Shirley Chisholm, Angela Davis, Fannie Lou Hamer, Barbara Jordan, Ruby Doris Robinson, and Ida B. Wells just to name a few. These women have fought to move us forward and are collectively responsible for much of this country's progress. Black women have been leading, and we must honor, protect, support, and uplift them.

In solidarity,

Concerned Black Women Leaders

Debra Abernathy

Kathy Adams

Katrina Adams

Ifeoluwa Adaralegbe

Alice Agnew

Marceline Alexander

Rev. Dr. Natalie P. Alford, Ed D.

Chinita Allen

Valentia Alleyne

Aimee Allison

Karen Alston

Rev. Dr. Antoinette Alvarado

Lauretta Amanor

Tanasha Anders

Rev. Dr. Karen Anderson

Carolyn Anderson

Cynthia Anderson

Elizabeth Andrews

Angela Angel

O.M. Archibald

Shavon Arline-Bradley

Cheeneah Armstrong

Shyra Arrington

Adjoa B. Asamoah

Tondalaire Ashford

Latoya Asia

Antonia Astin

Isophine Atkinson

Chanda Austin

Keenan Austin Reed

Sade Awe

Hope Ayers

Barbara Bagneris

Vera Alice Bagneris

TL Bails

Raymone Bain

Valerie Hollingsworth Baker

Sheila Banks

Beatrice Baptiste

Marla Barbee

Pamela Barnes

Angela Barrett-Brown

Janine Sherman Barroris

Cora Masters Barry

Juanita Barton

Jackita Bass

Ezell Battle

Julia Battle

Sheryl Battles

Julie A. Bayley

Jacqueline L. Bazan

Latres Bell

Tracy Bell

Michelle Bell

Nadja Bellan-White

Sharon Bennett

Sydney Benson

Cheryl Benton

Salandra Benton

Love Benton

Nicole Bernard

Williette Berry

Tara Beverly

Therese Binfon

Rev. Traci Blackmon

Deborah Blanks

Kelly Bolden

Talia Boone

Imani Bordeaux

Andrea Boyd

Kortni Boyd

Karen Boykin-Towns

Karen Brailsford

Nedra Braithwaite

Sylvia Braswell

Donna Brazile

Rhonda Briggins

Valerie Briggs

Jessica Bright

Roslyn Brock

Melonese Brookins

Desiree Brooks

Shannon Brooks

Clayola Brown

Dy Brown

LaTosha Brown

Cassandra Brown

Waqueta Brown

Theresa Brown

Veronica Brown

Robin Brown

Erin Broyard-Stennis

Julia W Brunson

Joy Burkes

Rhonda Burnough

Robin Burton

Cassandra Butcher

Helen Butler

Shane Butler

Brandy Butler

Cynthia Butler-McIntyre

Jaronica Byner

Leslie Callahan

Melanie Campbell

Ginger Campbell

Rhonda Cantelow

Yolanda Caraway

Brenda Cardwell

Glynda Carr

Rev. Dr. Iva Carruthers

Ruth Carter

Stacia Carter

Erika Carver

Lynette Castille-Hall

Candi Castleberry

Chellee Cephas

Sandra Chaney

Tomyka Chaney

Kelsey Charley

Jamila Chase

Audrey Chase

Emmalesha Christman

Lavonda Clarington

Kyree Clarke

Mia Clay

Felicia Clayton

Billie Coachman

Natalie Cofield

Tamara Cofield

DJaris Cofield-Holman

Reecie Colbert

Dr. Johnetta Betsch Cole

Kandice Cole

Tiffany Johnson Cole

Shantelle Coleman

Michelle Coleman

Maurita Coley

Barbara Collins

Edda Collins Coleman

Kelli Coleman

Constance Colter-Brabham

Stephné Coney

Sescily Coney, Esq.

April Conley

Jeanette Conrad-Elllis

Akunna Cook

Pamela Cook

Alfreda Coward

Shaneika Crawford

Kia Crawford

Tracy Crayton

Stacey Crooks

Crystal Crump

Christina Cue

Maya R. Cummings

Brittany Packnett Cunningham

Kay Dalton

Cheri Daniels

Vonetta Daniels

Vickel Darby

The Reverend Leah D.Daughtry

Rev. Dr. Dawnique Daughtry

Dr. Karen Daughtry

Mona Davenport

Marilyn Davis

Alfreda V. Davis

Alma G. Davis

Angela Davis

Marquita Davis

Crystal Davis

Tawana Davis

Olivia Davis

Patricia Myatt Davis

Dee Dawkins-Haigler

Ernette Dawson

Pamela Dawson

Tamika Day

Morgan DeBaun

E Patricia Debrick

Candace Delaine

Suzanne DePasse

Shermaine Derrick

Tara DeVeaux

Tameika Devine

Y. Falami Devoe

G Funmilayo Devoe

Kangelon Dexter

Dazon Dixon Diallo

Synithia Dowdell-Cole

Michelle Dubois

Dr. Hazel N. Dukes

Wanda Dunham

Michelle Dutton

Jotaka L. Eaddy

Lenora Abraham Eaddy

Kathi Earles

Patricia Earley

Megalyn Echikunwoke

Sonya Ede-Williams

Ramona H Edelin

Denice Edwards

Danette Edwards

Betty Edwards

Colette Edwards

Brenda Edwards-Miller

Michelle Huff Elliot

Reaneé Ellis

Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins

Starr Essence

Erika Estrada

Lori Evans

Ann Everett

Cherylance Farnum

Toni Fay

Michelle Byrd Felder

Karen Finney

Nadia Fischer

Rolanda Fleming

Alicia Flemming-Bragg

Barbara Flowers

Lisa Flowers

Lourdes Dolores Follins

Karla Forbes

Elizabeth Ford

Dr. Tawuana Ford

Dwetha Forrest

Heather Foster

Endrea Frazier

Melonie Frazier

Charlotte Freeman

Laconduas Freeman

Patricia Frye

Nicole Fryer

Francine Gadson

Michelle Gadson-Williams

Temperence Gaines

Jasmine Gaither

Wynda Garcia

Deirdre Garrett-Scott

Yvonne Gates

Shannon Gatlin

Ronda Gedward

Melissa George

Clea George

Atim George

A'shanti Gholar

Siddiqa Gibson

Jonetta Gilbert Jackson

Bobette Gillette

Monique Gilliam

Toria Gladney-Neal

Rhonda Godfrey

Robin Godwin

Amy R. Goldson

Amber Goldwire-Wade

Petula Gomillion

Ingrid Gordon

Jacqueline Graham

Trudy Grant

Mary G Grant

Sharron Grant-Burton

Donna Graves

Ruth Gray

Nicole Grayson

Simone Green

Kimberly Green

Linda Mercado Greene

LaTisha Gregory

Keith Griffin

Gloria Griffith

Jacquelyn Griffith

Tammy Grimes

Mamee Groves

Carmalitha Gumbs

Vickey Hale

Staci Hallmon

Nadia Hankerson

Alexis Hankerson

Joyce Harley

Lauren Harper

Princess Harper

Carlotta Harrell

Rutha Harris

Vernita Harris

Roslyn Harris

Ursula Harris

Aisha Harrison

Vickie Abdullah Hasan

Kynderly Haskins

Charlitta Hatch

Nocola Hemphill

Kristi Henderson

Christina Henderson

Tarrow Henderson

Rhana Henry

America Henson

Rosemary Hickman

Carolyn Highsmith

Veronica Hill

Selena Hill

Debbie Hillman

Aisha Hinds

Devina Hogan

Chandra Holdren

Holli Holiday

Tawnya Holliman

LaShonda “L.J.” Holloway

Juenesse Holman

Juenesse Holman

Candace Holmes

Yolanda Holmes

Pamela Holmes

Shirley Holmes

Rosalind Home

Beverly Hood

Gwendolyn Hopkins

Betty Horton-Hodge

Vida Hotchkiss

Monique Houser

Tamara Houston

Mary Howard

Carls Huggins

Rachael Humphrey

Nina Hunter

Latoya Hunter

Ifeoma Ike, Esq.

Janaye Ingram

Amy Elisa Jackson

Adrienne Jackson

Daphne Jackson

Constance Jackson

Monique Jackson

Merylin Jackson

Rachelle Jamerson-Holmes

Keisha Sutton James

Stefanie Brown James

Tiffany James

Sharon Jamison

Rania Jamison

Debbie Jarvis

Michelle Jawando

Andria Jeffries

Alice Jenkins

Gloria Jenkins

JaMia Jenkins

Marissa Jennings

Alencia Johnson

Jillian Johnson

Taylor Johnson

Corlett Johnson

Tammy Johnson

Toni Johnson

Karla Johnson

Victoria Johnson

Velyna Johnson

Nicole Johnson

Sandra Phillips Johnson

Charise Johnson

Essence Johnson

Star Jones

Valeisha Butterfield Jones

Toni Jones

Jennifer Jones

Tishaura Jones

Veronica G Jones

Michele Jones

Kimberly Jones-Anthony

Avis Jones-DeWeever Ph.D.

Cheryl Jordan

Rev. Dr. Emma Jordan-Simpson

Suzanne Kay

Naima J. Keith

Cynthia Keller

Cass Keller

Jenea Kennedy

Sonya Kenner

Seymone Killins

Karen Kimbrough

Charmion Kinder

Kimberly King

Lisa King

Daveitta Knight

Niija Kuykendall

Machelle Kyles

Fatimot Ladipo

Keisga Lance

Elsie Langham

Arnetta Langham

Lorraine Lathen

Tina Knowles Lawson

Patrice Leach

Dr. Nicole Turner Lee

Phoebe Lee

Pamela Lee

Rev. Adora Iris Lee

Veleria Levy

Peggy Lewis

Nakisha Lewis

L. Toni Lewis, MD

Jeanine Liburd

Rosalind Lindsay

Lashandra Little

Nawassa Logan

Barbara Long

Tiffany Lovelady

Chanceé Lundy

Sara Lyons

Gabriele Mack

Tamika Mallory

Donna Marable

Tyra Mariani

Alise Marshall

Dee Marshall

Zola Mashariki

Krystle Matthews

Patrice Matthews

Rosalyn Matthews

Bre Maxwell

Gwynne Mayo

Flo McAfee

Denise McCain

Tatyana McCall

Sharon McCarter

Denyse McCombs

Darryal McCullough

Keisha McDuffie

Neisha McGee

Carla McGhee

Crystal McKeith

Courtney McKenney

Vashti Murphy McKenzie

Gwen McKinney

Jamila Hall McKnight

Mia McLeod

Erica McNeil

Mary Melvin

Ellene Miles

Vernice Miller-Travis

Catherine Minnis

Jasmine Minor

Alexis Mitchell

Kenyatta Mitchell

Kawana Mitchell

Arabia Mollette

Leah Moody

Minyon Moore

Laurie Moore

Bethanne L Moore, MD

Andrea Morgan

Kimberly Morgan

Tangy Morgan

Tabbytha Morton

Jessica Moss

Laura Murphy

Veronica Murvin

Dia Myrick-Taylor

Willette Neal

Shaterica Neal

Denise E. Nedab

Adrian Neely

Tracie Nesmith

Denise Nicholas

Rosalyn Nichols

Rachel Noerdlinger

Syreta Oglesby

Dr. Amira Ogunleye

Shellie Olds-Johnson

Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver

Martha Oliver

Uriridiakoghene Onovakpuri

Lakeshia Parks

Collyne Partee

Naomi Pate

Dr Shelia Payton

Barbara A. Perkins

LaTausha Perkins-Allen

Karen Carter Peterson

Denise Peterson

Fran Phillips-Calhoun

Robin Pickett

Georgette Pierre

Sheila Plummer

Joyce Polite-Davis

Tara Porcher

Angelyn C. Porter

Tracie Pough

Michelle Pourciau

Lydia Powell

Sandra Powell

Raychel Proudie

Dr. Pamela Pugh

Andrea Pugh-Kelley

Holly Raindrop

Myrtis Ramsey

Tamisha Raqib

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake

Sabrina Rawls

Gwendolyn Reape

Jennifer Clyburn Reed

Pamela Redd

Carolyn Reed

DeAndria Reed

Beverly Reid

Sharese Reyes

Jessica Rhau

Jessica Rhodes

Libi Rice

Karen Richardson

Ethel Richardson

Ebonie Riley

Jennifer Riley

Molatri Roberts

Roger Roberts

Imani Dru Robinson

Karen A. Robinson

Lydia Robinson

Pam Robinson

Kimberly Robinson

Pam Robinson

Tamara Rodriguez

Pamela Rogers

Ruth Rollins

Demarish Ruffin-Smith

Angela Rye

Deena Sams

Tara Sanchez

Dr. Karen Eley Sanders

Comelia R. Sanford

Mosi Saxton

Kailee Scales

Chalana Scales-Ferguson

Kristina Scott

Amanda Seales

Kimberly Selden

Charita Selden

Patricia Selden-Black

Chelonnda Seroyer

Kalen Shaw

Dana Vickers Shelley

V. Joy Simmons

Aoki Lee Simmons

Denise Simmons

Ming Lee Simmons

Yvette Simpson

Eris Sims

Jessica Sims

Dr. Chantrise Sims-Holliman

L’Tryce Slade

Denise Young Smith

Marcia Smith

Deborah Smith

Shavone Smith

Tiffany Smith-Anoa'i

Nicola Smith-Kea

Marian Solomon-Gaines

Lashandra Span

Vanessa Spencer

Lillie St. Clair

Aimy Steele

Sherri Killins Stewart

Rev. Dr. Gina Stewart

Iris Stover

Shannon Sullivan

Adrienne Sutton

Estelle Swaray

Lyric Swinton

Debra Taliaferro-Holmes

Margaret Tatum

Kerene Tayloe

Lawonna Taylor

Makani Themba

Rev. Dr. Regena Thomas

Sandi Thomas

Kathryn Thomas

Tiffany Thompson

Qianna Tidmore

Karen Toles

Sabrina Stroud Toney

Cheryl Calicott Trawick

Kim Trent

Shuana Tucker

Donna Turk

Rev. Eboni Marshall Turman Ph.D.

Juanita Turman, Ph.D.

Angela Bundrant Turner

Prichelle Turner

Meredith Turner

Cynthia Turner

Cheryl Turner

Christilian Turner

Sheila Tyson

Debbie Vaughn

Nicole Venable

Venita Vinson

Jessie Warren Vinson

DeAna Jo Vivian

Lesley Walker

Bridgette Walker

Cora Faith Walker

Toni Ward

Denice Ware

Linda Ware

Angela Warner

Dorcas Washington

Lydia Washington

Ashanti Washington

Margaret Washington

Kendal Washington White

Sherri Washington, Esq

Felicia Wasson

Alison Watkins

Dolores Watson

Rose Watson

Karen Weaver

Lea Webb

Renita Weems

Cherylann Westerfield

Latoshia Whaley

Christine White

Jaffee White

Lexus White

Fern White

Yoshino White

Andrea Whitfield

Angela Whitfield

Deborah Wilder

Jheanelle Wilkins

Aristea Williams

Cynthia Williams

Elizabeth A Williams

L. Joy Williams

Michelle Williams

Phillana Williams

Cheryll Willis

Yvette Wilson

Debbie Wilson

Brenda Winston

Latabia Woodward

Haydn Wright

Rosemary Wright

Aleta Wyche

Tamara Yancy

Stephanie L. Young

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