Oppose the Certification of the Broken ExpressVote XL Voting System!

New York State Board of Elections Commissioners

The ExpressVote XL voting machines systematically fail voters. Not only is the ExpressVote XL the most expensive voting machine on the market, but it is also vulnerable to hardware malfunctions, making it more susceptible to cybersecurity threats. The limitations of ExpressVote XL will lead to long wait lines, voting errors, and defray the public’s trust in our elections.

Stand with Common Cause/NY and demand that the State Board of Elections does not certify the ExpressVote XL voting machines for New York elections. New Yorkers should not settle for a failed system with no track record that systematically disenfranchises voters.

To: New York State Board of Elections Commissioners
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New York has made monumental progress to modernize voting and elections in the last year. However, the certification of the ExpressVote XL voting machine is a huge step in the wrong direction.

The 2016 election ushered in renewed urgency to improve election security. With the certification of the ExpressVote XL, New York would be one of the only states transitioning to a less secure form of voting. The 14 states that rely on ballot-marking devices, like the ExpressVote XL, have mostly started to phase out these machines.

The ExpressVote XL is also a waste of taxpayer money. National experts question the wisdom of spending millions on something “to perform the same task as a pen.”

In the few counties that have used the ExpressVote XL, the problems have been so widespread lawsuits have been filed to decertify the machine. It is clear the ExpressVote XL has lost the confidence of voters and election administrators.

New York cannot risk jeopardizing its elections by trusting a broken system. I stand with Common Cause/NY and demand the ExpressVote XL not be certified for New York elections.