Pass Ranked Choice Voting in New Mexico!

The Albuquerque City Council

Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) is a simple electoral reform that ensures fair and efficient elections. RCV promotes positive, inclusive and fair elections, which encourages a diversity of candidates and saves money by eliminating the need for run-off elections while guaranteeing the victor wins a majority of the votes.

With RCV, voters rank the candidates in order of their preference from favorite to least favorite. On Election Night, first choice votes are counted to determine who voters like the best. If a candidate receives a majority of votes, they win. If no candidate receives a majority, the candidate with the fewest first-choice rankings is eliminated. If your favorite candidate is eliminated, your vote is instantly counted for your next choice. This repeats until one candidate reaches a majority and wins.

In RCV elections, you always get to vote for your favorite candidate, even if they don’t have a good chance of winning. If your favorite candidate gets eliminated, then your vote immediately counts for your next choice. You can truly vote your conscience without worrying about wasting your vote. Ranking your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th choices will never hurt your favorite candidate. It simply amplifies your voice in the process.

Cities that have RCV elections, now including Santa Fe and Las Cruces, have seen a steady increase in voter turnout. When voters feel their vote will matter, they turn out in greater numbers.

RCV fosters more civil campaigning because candidates often need 2nd and 3rd choice votes to win a majority of the vote. As such, they will ask for your first choice vote, but if another candidate is your favorite, they will also ask for your second and third choices. Candidates are not likely to get your second or third choice vote if they have been engaging in negative “mudslinging” personal attacks against your favorite candidate.

With RCV, the winning candidate always has a majority of the vote, and you don’t need to show up to vote twice in the event of a runoff. Instead, you get an immediate majority winner in a single, higher-turnout election. This saves money by preventing the need to run a second election.

To: The Albuquerque City Council
From: [Your Name]

New Mexicans want Ranked Choice Voting for our elections. RCV has already been successfully implemented in Santa Fe and Las Cruces citywide elections and voters surveyed found the process easy and effective.

Ranked Choice Voting elections are more fair, efficient and cost-effective. New Mexicans are eager for the benefits offered by RCV elections, including:

- A winning candidate that always receives a majority of the vote
- Eliminating the need for costly, lower-turnout runoff elections
- Fostering more civil campaigning with less negative attacks
- Eliminating vote-splitting and allowing voters to support their favorite candidates without sacrificing their vote
- Empowering a more diverse slate of candidates to run for office
- Higher voter turnout and voter engagement

We urge you to pass this good-governance election reform for the voters of the Duke City!