Pass the Illinois BREATHE Act

Illinois State Legislature

We have a once in a lifetime chance to pass the BREATHE Act - a modern-day Civil Rights Act to radically reimagine public safety and community care to defend Black lives. This historic legislation is in front of the Illinois legislature right now - add your name to help us pass it.

IMAGINE : Schools free of police and full of trained counselors and restorative-justice programs, where all our children are kept safe and their needs are met.

IMAGINE : Easy access to trained, trauma-informed interventionists who can be called on in domestic-violence situations and who are equipped to facilitate long-term safety, healing, and prevention.

IMAGINE : 911 operators dispatching unarmed mental-health experts instead of police in situations involving behavioral health crises, and callers being allowed to request responders that connect to the gender identity of the person in crisis.

This crucial legislation would change the criminal legal system, drive police accountability, and fund programs to reduce violence. What felt impossible just a few months ago is being accomplished now; what seems impossible today is doable tomorrow, and we will be the ones to make it happen.

We cannot let this historic moment go to waste. Sign now to demand that the Illinois Legislature adopt the BREATHE act.

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To: Illinois State Legislature
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We demand that you meet this historic moment to adopt the full proposals of the Illinois BREATHE Act and reject watered-down compromises.

We demand immediate change to the criminal legal system, police accountability, and funding for programs to reduce violence as outlined in the Illinois BREATHE Act.