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The fight for the Excluded Workers Fund revealed long-standing gaps in our safety net that shut out many of our state’s most vulnerable workers. This year, we’re fighting to fix our unemployment system - for good.

Our unemployment insurance system is nearly a century old and isn’t working for workers today. Hundreds of thousands of workers in New York are shut out, especially the most vulnerable workers in our state: Black, brown, and immigrant workers in low-wage industries.

The Unemployment Bridge Program seeks to correct these injustices by creating a new program to provide support for workers who are excluded from regular unemployment insurance because of their immigration status or because of the kind of work they do. Under the Unemployment Bridge Program, workers covered include: freelancers, immigrants, cash earners, de-carcerated workers and much more!

Investing in the safety net isn’t just good for the workers who are directly impacted. It’s good for all workers. When more New Yorkers know they have a lifeline when they lose their job, we can counter workplace exploitation, hold employers accountable to the law, and lift all working families.

That’s why unemployment insurance has always been an essential labor right. In 2024, we are calling on Governor Hochul and state legislators to make that right available to the workers who need it most by passing the Unemployment Bridge Program and preventing the most vulnerable workers in our state from being excluded again.

Read our Policy: Unemployment Bridge Program #ExcludedNoMore


La lucha por el Fondo para los Trabajadores Excluidos reveló brechas de larga data en nuestra red de seguridad, que excluye a muchos de los trabajadores más vulnerables de nuestro estado, especialmente a los trabajadores de color e inmigrantes en industrias precarias de bajo salarios.

Por el segundo año consecutivo, la gobernadora Hochul ha ignorado a los trabajadores excluidos, a pesar de que están impulsando más el futuro de Nueva York.

El Puente al Programa de Desempleo rectifica estas injusticias mediante la creación de un nuevo programa de compensación por desempleo para los trabajadores que están excluidos del seguro de desempleo ordinario debido a su estatus migratorio o al tipo de trabajo que realizan. Bajo el Puente al Programa de Desempleo, los trabajadores cubiertos incluyen: trabajadores autónomos, inmigrantes, trabajadores pagados en efectivo, personas en el proceso del reingreso y muchos más.

Únase a nosotros en la lucha para cerrar las brechas en nuestra red de seguridad. Pedimos a la gobernadora Hochul y a los legisladores estatales que reparen los agujeros de nuestra red de seguridad y eviten que los trabajadores más vulnerables de nuestro estado sean excluidos de nuevo. El seguro de desempleo es un derecho laboral esencial.

Lea nuestra política: Puente al Programa de Desempleo #ExcluidosNuncaMás

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The Excluded Workers Fund has been a stunning success.

The fund has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers, giving working families real financial relief after a year of pain and loss. Families across New York have been able to finally make rent, address pressing medical needs, buy clothes and school supplies for their kids, and have the freedom to leave abusive partners and unsafe working situations.

Not only is the funding having a direct impact on those who have received it, but it’s going right back into our local economies, boosting small businesses and accelerating our recovery from the pandemic.

The Excluded Workers Fund exists because immigrant workers and their communities across the state fought for it. Yet for far too many workers - especially Black and brown working families - the door to support is still slammed shut when a crisis rolls around.

We are calling on Governor Hochul and state legislators to repair the holes in our safety net and prevent the most vulnerable workers in our state from being excluded again.

Pass the Unemployment Bridge Program sponsored by Senator Jessica Ramos and Assemblywoman Karines Reyes (bill numbers forthcoming).

The Unemployment Bridge Program will set up a permanent program to provide compensation to workers who lose a job or income and are otherwise ineligible for unemployment insurance, primarily freelancers, self-employed workers, undocumented workers, and people in re-entry below a certain income threshold.

We don’t need temporary band-aids. We need permanent solutions to make sure excluded workers get support when they need it most.