Pay Benefits Now to the Unemployed!

Governor Tom Wolf

Hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians are being left behind by a broken unemployment system. Many are waiting months for benefits. Governor Wolf has the power to fix the problem and get people the benefits that they desperately need.

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There are hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians still waiting for a ruling on their eligibility for unemployment benefits. And the number grows every day.

Many of these unemployed workers have been waiting for months. And the UC/PUA system doesn’t plan to make these rulings for many more months. Waiting for benefits destroys families, leads to evictions, foreclosures, utility shutoffs and hungry kids.

The Federal Department of Labor (DOL) recognizes that unemployment benefits are a critical lifeline by requiring that state UC systems pay unemployment benefits “when due”. The PA Department of Labor and Industry is way out of compliance with those requirements.

We demand that Governor Wolf immediately order the PA Department of Labor and Industry to Pay Benefits Now to those who have been waiting 21 days or longer.