PCC Federation of Faculty and Academic Professionals is UNITED FOR A FAIR CONTRACT

PCCFFAP Bargaining Team

As Faculty and Academic Professionals, we are united behind our bargaining team as they advocate for a fair contract.

To: PCCFFAP Bargaining Team
From: Michelle DuBarry

I support the PCCFFAP bargaining platform, which includes:

1. One pay scale for all faculty; COLAs commensurate with cost of living; increase in college contribution to health insurance.

2. Manageable workload; fair compensation for non-instructional work.

3. Increase in the number of classes PT faculty can teach; improved transfer and recall rights for grant-funded APs; more transparent job & class assignments/scheduling.

4. Define AP 6& 7 positions and establish a process to reclassify some AP positions. Pathway to management for APs, Pathway to FT for PT faculty.

I believe that better conditions of employment for faculty and academic professionals mean better conditions of education for our students.