Penalize Toxikon Corporation for their repeated Animal Welfare Act violations

USDA–APHIS Center for Animal Welfare

A company called Toxikon that primarily does invasive and often deadly animal experiments has been caught on multiple occasions violating federal animal welfare laws and regulations. To date, the only punishment they’ve received as of late are mere verbal warnings.

Tell the USDA–APHIS Center for Animal Welfare to do their job and penalize Toxicon. You care about these animals even if Toxicon doesn't. Send your message today. Thank you!

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To: USDA–APHIS Center for Animal Welfare
From: [Your Name]

I'm writing in support of Rise for Animals in their request that APHIS penalize Toxikon Corporation (14-R-0101) a privately-held biomedical contract research company that continues to accrue Animal Welfare Act (AWA) violations.

Due to Toxicon's many violations without penalty, and past APHIS assurances to institute penalties on Toxikon for future AWA violations, I support Rise for Animals request that you fine Toxikon Corporation the maximum penalty of $34,170. This represents the maximum fine of $11,390 for each of their 3 most recent violations that were issued after APHIS warned Toxikon that monetary penalties may be implemented.

Thank you for your attention to this request.